Peer-Review Guidelines

You will access the peer-review forums for the course using the links posted below. Please observe the following guidelines whenever you provide feedback for this class; high-quality comments will not only help your classmates improve their projects but will also provide valuable experience for your future careers.

Peer-Review Guidelines:

  • The author should discuss his/her questions and concerns about the form and content of the document with the reviewer.
  • The reviewer should perform the following tasks by priority:
    1. Correct factual mistakes.
    2. Explain relevant facts and complications.
    3. Fix serious structural problems.
    4. Correct significant mechanical errors.
    5. Improve the design of the document.
    6. Correct superficial mechanical errors.
  • The reviewer should never simply assert the document has weaknesses. The reviewer should always identify examples of each problem with the document and supply one or more well-explained solutions.
  • The reviewer must write out their comments using hardcopies of the document, post feedback using the provided discussion forums, and/or type their comments using the review feature from Microsoft Word and Google Documents.